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December 10-13, 2000

Monterey Plaza Hotel, Monterey, California



with special emphasis on Instruction-Level Parallelism

Co-sponsored by IEEE TC-MARCH ieee logo and ACM SIGMICROacm logo


General Chair

Andrew Wolfe, S3 Inc



Program Chair

Mike Schlansker, HP Labs



Workshop/Tutorial Chair

Chris Newburn, Intel


Steering Committee

Kemal Ebcioglu, IBM

Tom Conte, NC State

Richard Belgard, Consultant

Wen-mei Hwu, Illinois

Matt Farrens, UC Davis

Yale Patt, Texas-Austin

Ronny Ronen, Intel

Jim Smith, Wisconsin


Program Committee

Jim Bondi                    TI

Pradip Bose                    IBM

Bob Colwell                Intel

Tom Conte                  NC State

Henk Corporaal         Delft

Jim Dehnert                SGI

Kemal Ebcioglu         IBM

Joel Emer                   Compaq

Keith Farkas               Compaq

Rajiv Gupta                 Arizona

Wen-Mei Hwu             Illinois

Lizy John                     Texas- Austin

Richard Johnson       Transmeta

Roy Dz-ching Ju         Intel

Vinod Kathail              HP Labs

Bill Mangione-Smith UCLA

Hans Mulder               Intel

Yale Patt                      Texas- Austin

Ronny Ronen             Intel

Andre Seznec             IRISA/INRIA

Jim Smith                    Wisconsin

Mike Smith                  Harvard

Guri Sohi                     Wisconsin

Lothar Thiele              ETH Zurich

Carol Thompson       HP

Gary Tyson                  Michigan

Mateo Valero              UPC Barcelona

Pen-Chung Yew  Minnesota

The 33rd International Symposium on Microarchitecture is the premiere forum for discussing new techniques to extract high levels of instruction-level parallelism via hardware and software. The goals of this symposium are to bring together researchers in fields related to microarchitecture and instruction-level parallelism, to encourage technical interaction, and to advance the state of the art of high-performance microarchitectures and fine-grain parallel processing.  Papers are solicited in fields including the following:


   ILP architectures and designs: superscalar, VLIW, multithreaded, ...

   Compiler techniques for instruction-level parallelism

   Hardware/software techniques for fine-grain parallel processing

   Advanced software and hardware speculation schemes (branch/value prediction, etc.)

   Hardware/compiler techniques for improving memory system performance

   Object code translation

   Hardware/software techniques for efficient systems on a single chip

   Microarchitecture for embedded processing (imaging, graphics, low power, etc.)

   Applications of ILP techniques to automated design


THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS JUNE 19th, 2000.  There is an automatic, one week extension for late papers.  There will be no other extensions.  Submit one electronic copy of the paper in postscript or PDF format.  Please visit the website for paper format guidelines and submission instructions.  In order to guarantee the success of your electronic submissions please make sure that your postscript submission can be previewed via the ghostview tool.  Notification of acceptance will occur by September 1, 2000.