Main Program

Start time Sunday Oct 21, 2018
6:00pm Welcome Reception
Room: The Grand Ball Room (3rd floor of Grand Hyatt Fukuoka)
Start time Monday Oct 22, 2018
7:40 Breakfast
Room: Savoy & Red Rose (2nd floor of Grand Hyatt Fukuoka)
8:40 Opening Remarks  
Room: The Grand Ball Room
9:00 Keynote 1: From Post-K onto Post-Moore is from FLOPS onto BYTES, and from Homogeneity to Heterogeneity
Satoshi Matsuoka, Director, Riken-CCS / Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
session chair: Koji Inoue

Room: The Grand Ballroom
10:00 Break  
Room: Pre-Function Area (3rd floor of Grand Hyatt Fukuoka)
10:30 1-A Accelerators
session chair: Minsoo Rhu
Room: The Grand Ball Room-AB
1-B Microarchitecture
session chair: Gabriel Loh
Room: The Grand Ball Room-CD
  Exploiting Locality in Graph Analytics through Hardware Accelerated Traversal Scheduling
[Lightning-talk Video] Anurag Mukkara (MIT CSAIL), Nathan Beckmann (CMU SCS), Maleen Abeydeera (MIT CSAIL), Xiaosong Ma (QCRI, HBKU), Daniel Sanchez (MIT CSAIL)
Composable Building Blocks to Open up Processor Design
[Lightning-talk Video] Sizhuo Zhang (MIT), Andrew Wright (MIT), Thomas Bourgeat (MIT), Arvind (MIT)
  Addressing Irregularity in Sparse Neural Networks:A Cooperative Software/Hardware Approach
[Lightning-talk Video] Xuda Zhou (USTC), Zidong Du (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences/Cambricon), QI Guo (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences/Cambricon), Chengsi Liu (MSU), Chao Wang (USTC), Xuehai Zhou (USTC), Ling Li (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Tianshi Chen (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences/Cambricon), Yunji Chen (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Performance Improvement by Prioritizing the Issue of the Instructions in Unconfident Branch Slices
[Lightning-talk Video] Hideki Ando (Nagoya University)
  CSE: Convergence Set Based Enumerative FSM
[Lightning-talk Video] Youwei Zhuo (University of Southern California), Jinglei Cheng (Tsinghua University), Qinyi Luo (University of Southern California), Jidong Zhai (Tsinghua University), Yanzhi Wang (Syracuse University), Zhongzhi Luan (Beihang University), Xuehai Qian (University of Southern California)
The Superfluous Load Queue
[Lightning-talk Video] Alberto Ros (University of Murcia), Stefanos Kaxiras (Uppsala University)
  Inter-thread Communication in Multithreaded, Reconfigurable Coarse-grain Arrays
[Lightning-talk Video] Dani Voitsechov (Technion), Oron Port (Technion), Yoav Etsion (Technion)
Architectural Support for Probabilistic Branches
[Lightning-talk Video] Almutaz Adileh (Ghent University), David Lilja (University of Minnesota), Lieven Eeckhout (Ghent University)
  An Architectural Framework for Accelerating Dynamic Parallel Algorithms on Reconfigurable Hardware
[Lightning-talk Video] Tao Chen (Cornell University), Shreesha Srinath (Cornell University), Christopher Batten (Cornell University), G. Edward Suh (Cornell University)
STRAIGHT: Hazardless Processor Architecture Without Register Renaming
[Lightning-talk Video] Hidetsugu Irie (the University of Tokyo), Toru Koizumi (the University of Tokyo), Akifumi Fukuda (the University of Tokyo), Seiya Akaki (the University of Tokyo), Satoshi Nakae (the University of Tokyo), Yutaro Bessho (the University of Tokyo), Ryota Shioya (the University of Tokyo), Takahiro Notsu (FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.), Katsuhiro Yoda (FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.), Teruo Ishihara (FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.), Shuichi Sakai (the University of Tokyo)
12:00  Lunch    Room: Savoy & Red Rose
 Poster-SRC    Room: Pre-Function Area
13:00 2-A ML accelerators
session chair: Hyeran Jeon
Room: The Grand Ball Room-AB
2-B Compilers and Programming Languages
session chair: Joshua San Miguel
Room: The Grand Ball Room-CD
  Diffy: a Deja vu-Free Differential Deep Neural Network Accelerator
[Lightning-talk Video] Mostafa Mahmoud (University of Toronto), Kevin Siu (University of Toronto), Andreas Moshovos (University of Toronto)
Rethinking the Memory Hierarchy for Modern Languages
[Lightning-talk Video] Po-An Tsai (MIT), Yee Ling Gan (MIT), Daniel Sanchez (MIT)
  Beyond the Memory Wall: A Case for Memory-centric HPC System for Deep Learning
[Lightning-talk Video] Youngeun Kwon (KAIST), Minsoo Rhu (KAIST)
Harmonizing Speculative and Non-Speculative Execution in Architectures for Ordered Parallelism
[Lightning-talk Video] Mark C. Jeffrey (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Victor A. Ying (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Suvinay Subramanian (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Hyun Ryong Lee (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Joel Emer (NVIDIA, MIT), Daniel Sanchez (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  Towards Memory Friendly Long-Short Term Memory Networks (LSTMs) on Mobile GPUs
[Lightning-talk Video] Xingyao Zhang (University of Houston), Chenhao Xie (University of Houston), Jing Wang (Capital Normal University), Weigong Zhang (Capital Normal University), Xin Fu (University of Houston)
Sampler: PMU-based Sampling to Detect Memory Errors Latent in Production Software
[Lightning-talk Video] Sam Silvestro (University of Texas at San Antonio), Hongyu Liu (University of Texas at San Antonio), Tong Zhang (Virginia Tech), Changhee Jung (Virginia Tech), Dongyoon Lee (Virginia Tech), Tongping Liu (University of Texas at San Antonio)
  A Network-Centric Hardware/Algorithm Co-Design to Accelerate Distributed Training of Deep Neural Networks
[Lightning-talk Video] Youjie Li (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Jongse Park (Georgia Institute of Technology), Mohammad Alian (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Yifan Yuan (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Qu Zheng (Tsinghua University), Petian Pan (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Ren Wang (Intel Corporation), Alexander Gerhard Schwing (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Hadi Esmaeilzadeh (University of California, San Diego), Nam Sung Kim (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
TAPAS: Generating Parallel Accelerators from Parallel Programs
[Lightning-talk Video] Steven Margerm (Simon Fraser University), Amirali Sharifian (Simon Fraser University), Apala Guha (Simon Fraser University), Gilles Pokam (Intel Corporation), Arrvindh Shriraman (Simon Fraser University)
  PermDNN: Efficient Compressed Deep Neural Network Architecture with Permuted Diagonal Matrices
[Lightning-talk Video] Chunhua Deng (City University of New York), Siyu Liao (City University of New York), Yi Xie (City University of New York), Keshab K. Parhi (University of Minnesota), Xuehai Qian (University of Southern California), Bo Yuan (City University of New York), Bo Yuan (Rutgers University)
iDO: Compiler-Directed Failure Atomicity for Nonvolatile Memory
[Lightning-talk Video] Qingrui Liu (Virginia Tech), Joseph Izraelevitz (University of Rochester), Se Kwon Lee (UNIST), Michael L. Scott (University of Rochester), Sam H. Noh (UNIST), Changhee Jung (Virginia Tech)
14:30 Break  
Room: Pre-Function Area
14:50 3-A Memory Systems - I
session chair: Jishen Zhao
Room: The Grand Ball Room-AB
session chair: Yoav Etsion
Room: The Grand Ball Room-CD
  Scalable Distributed Last-Level TLBs Using Low-Latency Interconnects
[Lightning-talk Video] Srikant Bharadwaj (Georgia Tech), Guilherme Cox (Rutgers University), Tushar Krishna (Georgia Tech), Abhishek Bhattacharjee (Rutgers University)
Combining HW/SW Mechanisms to Improve NUMA Performance of Multi-GPU Systems
[Lightning-talk Video] Vinson Young (Georgia Institute of Technology), Aamer Jaleel (NVIDIA), Evgeny Bolotin (NVIDIA), Eiman Ebrahimi (NVIDIA), David Nellans (NVIDIA), Oreste Villa (NVIDIA)
  Duplicon Cache: Mitigating Off-Chip Memory Bank and Bank Group Conflicts via Data Duplication
[Lightning-talk Video] Ben (Ching-Pei) Lin (University of Texas at Austin), Michael B Healy (IBM Research), Rustam Miftakhutdinov (Intel Corporation), Phil Emma (IBM Research), Yale Patt (University of Texas at Austin)
Neighborhood-aware address translation for irregular GPU applications
[Lightning-talk Video] Seunghee Shin (SUNY at Binghamton), Michael LeBeane (AMD Research/UT Austin), Yan Solihin (University of Central Florida), Arkaprava Basu (Indian Institute of Science)
  CAL: Charge-Level Aware Look-ahead Partial Restoration for Fast DRAM Access
[Lightning-talk Video] Yaohua Wang (ETH Zurich, National University of Defense Technology), Arash Tavakkol (ETH Zurich), Lois Orosa (ETH Zurich, Univ. of Campinas), Saugata Ghose (CMU), Nika Mansouri Ghiasi (ETH Zurich), Minesh Patel (ETH Zurich), Jeremie Kim (ETH Zurich), Hasan Hassan (ETH Zurich), Onur Mutlu (ETH Zurich, CMU)
FineReg: Fine-Grained Register File Management for Augmenting GPU Throughput
[Lightning-talk Video] Yunho Oh (Yonsei University), Myung Kuk Yoon (Yonsei University), William J. Song (Yonsei University), Won Woo Ro (Yonsei University)
  CABLE: a CAche-Based Link Encoder for Bandwidth-starved Manycores
[Lightning-talk Video] Tri M. Nguyen (Princeton University), Adi Fuchs (Princeton University), David Wentzlaff (Princeton University)
In-Register Parameter Caching for Dynamic Neural Nets with Virtual Persistent Processor Specialization
[Lightning-talk Video] Farzad Khorasani (Georgia Institute of Technology), Hodjat Asghari Esfeden (University Of California Riverside), Nael Abu-Ghazaleh (University of California Riverside), Vivek Sarkar (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  Attache: Towards Ideal Memory Compression by Mitigating Metadata Bandwidth Overheads
[Lightning-talk Video] Seokin Hong (IBM Research), Prashant Nair (IBM Research), Bulent Abali (IBM Research), Alper Buyuktosunoglu (IBM Research), Kyu Hyoun Kim (IBM Research), Michael Healy (IBM Research)
Voltage-stacked GPUs: A Control Theory Driven Cross-Layer Solution for Practical Voltage Stacking in GPUs
[Lightning-talk Video] An Zou (Washington University in St. Louis), Jingwen Leng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Xin He (Washington University in St. Louis), Yazhou Zu (The University of Texas at Austin), Christopher D. Gill (Washington University in St. Louis), Vijay Janapa Reddi (The University of Texas at Austin), Xuan Zhang (Washington University in St. Louis)
16:20 Break  
Room: Pre-Function Area
16:40 4-A Security - I
session chair: David Wentzlaff
Room: The Grand Ball Room-AB
4-B Storage Systems & Technologies
session chair: Gennady Pekhimenko
Room: The Grand Ball Room-CD
  Osiris: A Low-Cost Mechanism to Enable Restoration of Secure Non-Volatile Memories
[Lightning-talk Video] Mao Ye (University of Central Florida), Clay Hughes (Sandia National Labs), Amro Awad (University of Central Florida)
SSDcheck: Timely and Accurate Prediction of Irregular Behaviors in Black-Box SSDs
[Lightning-talk Video] Joonsung Kim (Seoul National University), Pyeongsu Park (Seoul National University), Jaehyung Ahn (POSTECH), Jihun Kim (POSTECH), Jong Kim (POSTECH), Jangwoo Kim (Seoul National University)
  Morphable Counters: Enabling Compact Integrity Trees for Low-Overhead Secure Memories
[Lightning-talk Video] Gururaj Saileshwar (Georgia Institute of Technology), Prashant Nair (IBM Research), Prakash Ramrakhyani (ARM Research), Wendy Elssaser (ARM Research), Jose Joao (ARM Research), Moinuddin Qureshi (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Amber: Enabling Precise Full-System Simulation with Detailed Modeling of All SSD Resources
[Lightning-talk Video] Donghyun Gouk (Yonsei University), Miryeong Kwon (Yonsei University), Jie Zhang (Yonsei University), Sungjoon Koh (Yonsei University), Wonil Choi (PennState), Nam Sung Kim (UIUC), Mahmut Kandemir (PennState), Myoungsoo Jung (Yonsei University)
  InvisiSpec: Making Speculative Execution Invisible in the Cache Hierarchy
[Lightning-talk Video] Mengjia Yan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Jiho Choi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Dimitrios Skarlatos (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Adam Morrison (Tel Aviv University), Christopher W. Fletcher (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Josep Torrellas (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Invalid Data-Aware Coding to Enhance the Read Performance of High-Density Flash Memories
[Lightning-talk Video] Wonil Choi (The Pennsylvania State University), Myoungsoo Jung (Yonsei University), Mahmut Kandemir (The Pennsylvania State University)
  Improving the Performance and Endurance of Encrypted Non-volatile Main Memory through Deduplicating Writes
[Lightning-talk Video] Pengfei Zuo (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Yu Hua (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Ming Zhao (Arizona State University), Wen Zhou (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Yuncheng Guo (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
Persistence Parallelism Optimization: A holistic approach from memory bus to RDMA network
[Lightning-talk Video] Xing Hu (University of California, Santa Barbara), Matheus Ogleari (University of California, Santa Cruz), Jishen Zhao (University of California, San Diego), Shuangchen Li (University of California, Santa Barbara), Abanti Basak (University of California, Santa Barbara), Yuan Xie (University of California, Santa Barbara)
18:00  Break   
Room: Pre-Function Area
18:15  Business Meeting  
Room: The Grand Ballroom-CD
Start time Tuesday Oct 23, 2018
7:00 Breakfast
Room: Savoy & Red Rose
8:00 Keynote 2: Security Aware Microarchitecture Design
Ruby B. Lee, Princeton University
session chair: Hyesoon Kim

Room: The Grand Ballroom
9:00  Break    Room: Pre-Function Area
 PSRC    Room: Uzuki
9:30 5-A Memory Systems - II
session chair: Daniel Lustig
Room: Savoy
5-B Measurement, Modeling, and Simulation
session chair: Andreas Moshovos
Room: The Grand Ball Room-CD
  PiCL: a Software-Transparent, Persistent Cache Log for Nonvolatile Main Memory
[Lightning-talk Video] Tri M. Nguyen (Princeton University), David Wentzlaff (Princeton University)
Leveraging CPU Electromagnetic Emanations for Voltage Noise Characterization
[Lightning-talk Video] Zacharias Hadjilambrou (University of Cyprus), Shidhartha Das (ARM), Marco A. Antoniades (University of Cyprus), Yiannakis Sazeides (University of Cyprus)
  Efficient Hardware-assisted Logging with Asynchronous and Direct Update for Persistent Memory
[Lightning-talk Video] Jungi Jeong (KAIST), Chang Hyun Park (KAIST), Jaehyuk Huh (KAIST), Seungryoul Maeng (KAIST)
RpStacks-MT: A High-throughput Multi-core Processor Design Evaluation Methodology
[Lightning-talk Video] Hanhwi Jang (POSTECH), Jae-Eon Jo (POSTECH), Jaewon Lee (Seoul National University), Jangwoo Kim (Seoul National University)
  CHAMELEON: A Dynamically Reconfigurable Heterogeneous Memory System
[Lightning-talk Video] Jagadish B. Kotra (AMD Research), Haibo Zhang (The Pennsylvania State University), Alaa R. Alameldeen (Intel Corporation Ltd), Chris Wilkerson (NVIDIA Corporation Ltd), Mahmut T. Kandemir (The Pennsylvania State University)
The EH Model: Early Design Space Exploration of Intermittent Processor Architectures
[Lightning-talk Video] Joshua San Miguel (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Karthik Ganesan (University of Toronto), Mario Badr (University of Toronto), Chunqiu Xia (University of Toronto), Rose Li (University of Toronto), Hsuan (Julie) Hsiao (University of Toronto), Natalie Enright Jerger (University of Toronto)
  Compresso: Pragmatic Main Memory Compression
[Lightning-talk Video] Esha Choukse (The University of Texas at Austin), Mattan Erez (The University of Texas at Austin), Alaa R. Alameldeen (Intel Labs)
CounterMiner: Mining Big Performance Data from Hardware Counters
[Lightning-talk Video] Yirong Lv (Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Science), Bin Sun (Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Science), Qinyi Luo (University of Southern California), Jing Wang (Capital Normal University, Beijing, China), Zhibin Yu (Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Science), Xuehai Qian (University of Southern California)
  Farewell My Shared LLC! A Case for Private Die-Stacked DRAM Caches for Servers
[Lightning-talk Video] Amna Shahab (University of Edinburgh), Mingcan Zhu (University of Edinburgh), Artemiy Margaritov (University of Edinburgh), Boris Grot (University of Edinburgh)
Taming the Killer Microsecond
[Lightning-talk Video] Shenghsun Cho (Stony Brook University), Amoghavarsha Suresh (Stony Brook University), Tapti Palit (Stony Brook University), Michael Ferdman (Stony Brook University), Nima Honarmand (Stony Brook University)
11:00   Poster Session I
Room: The Red Rose
12:00  Award Lunch
Room: the Grand Ballroom
13:20   Poster Session II
Room: The Red Rose
14:20 6-A Near Memory Computing
session chair: Yasuko Eckert
Room: The Grand Ball Room-AB
6-B Reliability and Fault-Tolerance
session chair: Radu Teodorescu
Room: The Grand Ball Room-CD
  Adaptive Scheduling for Systems with Asymmetric Memory Hierarchies
[Lightning-talk Video] Po-An Tsai (MIT), Changping Chen (MIT), Daniel Sanchez (MIT)
Exploring and Optimizing Chipkill-correct for Persistent Memory Based on High-density NVRAMs
[Lightning-talk Video] Zhang Da (Virginia Tech), Vilas Sridharan (AMD), Xun Jian (Virginia Tech)
  Processing-in-Memory for Energy-efficient Neural Network Training: A Heterogeneous Approach
[Lightning-talk Video] Jiawen Liu (University of California, Merced), Hengyu Zhao (University of California, San Diego), Matheus A. Ogleari (University of California, Santa Cruz), Dong Li (University of California, Merced), Jishen Zhao (University of California, San Diego)
Comprehensive Evaluation of Supply Voltage Underscaling in FPGA on-chip Memories
[Lightning-talk Video] Behzad Salami (Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)), Osman Unsal (Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)), Adrian Cristal (Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC))
  LerGAN: A Zero-free, Low Data Movement and PIM-based GAN Architecture
[Lightning-talk Video] Haiyu Mao (University of Florida), Mingcong Song (University of Florida), Tao Li (University of Florida), Yuting Dai (University of Florida), Jiwu Shu (University of Florida)
Error Correlation Prediction in Lockstep Processors for Safety-critical Systems
[Lightning-talk Video] Emre Ozer (Arm), Balaji Venu (Arm), Xabier Iturbe (Arm), Shidhartha Das (Arm), Spyros Lyberis (Arm), John Biggs (Arm), Pete Harrod (Arm), John Penton (Arm)
  Multi-dimensional Parallel Training of Winograd Layer on Memory-Centric Architecture
[Lightning-talk Video] Byungchul Hong (KAIST), Yeonju Ro (KAIST), John Kim (KAIST)
Fault Site Pruning for Practical Reliability Analysis of GPGPU Applications
[Lightning-talk Video] Bin Nie (College of William and Mary), Lishan Yang (College of William and Mary), Adwait Jog (College of William and Mary), Evgenia Smirni (College of William and Mary)
  SCOPE: A Stochastic Computing Engine for DRAM-based In-situ Accelerator
[Lightning-talk Video] Shuangchen Li (UCSB), Alvin Oliver Glova (UCSB), Xing Hu (UCSB), Peng Gu (UCSB), Dimin Niu (Samsung), Krishna T. Malladi (Samsung), Hongzhong Zheng (Samsung), Bob Brennan (Samsung), Yuan Xie (UCSB)
SwapCodes: Error Codes for Hardware-Software Cooperative GPU Pipeline Error Detection
[Lightning-talk Video] Michael B. Sullivan (NVIDIA), Siva Kumar Sastry Hari (NVIDIA), Brian Zimmer (NVIDIA), Timothy Tsai (NVIDIA), Stephen W. Keckler (NVIDIA)
15:50  Excursion(Banquet): Move to Koro-kan 
Start time Wednesday Oct 24, 2018
7:00 Breakfast
Room: Savoy & Red Rose
8:00 Keynote 3: Neuromorphic Principles for Efficient Self-Learning Microarchitecture
Mike Davies, Intel
session chair: Mark Oskin

Room: The Grand Ballroom
9:00  Best Paper Session
session chair: Reetuparna Das
Room: The Grand Ballroom
CEASER: Mitigating Conflict-Based Cache Attacks via Encrypted-Address and Remapping
[Lightning-talk Video] Moinuddin Qureshi (Georgia Institute of Technology)
PipeProof: Automated Memory Consistency Proofs for Microarchitectural Specifications
[Lightning-talk Video] Yatin A. Manerkar (Princeton University), Daniel Lustig (NVIDIA), Margaret Martonosi (Princeton University), Aarti Gupta (Princeton University)
Application-Transparent Near-Memory Processing Architecture with Memory Channel Network
[Lightning-talk Video] Mohammad Alian (UIUC), Seung Won Min (UIUC), Hadi Asgharimoghaddam (UIUC), Ashutosh Dhar (UIUC), Dong Kai Wang (UIUC), Thomas Roewer (IBM), Adam McPadden (IBM), Oliver OHalloran (IBM), Deming Chen (UIUC), Jinjun Xiong (IBM), Daehoon Kim (DGIST), Wen-mei Hwu (UIUC), Nam Sung Kim (UIUC)
End-to-End Automated Exploit Generation for Validating the Security of Processor Designs
[Lightning-talk Video] Rui Zhang (UNC Chapel Hill), Calvin Deutschbein (UNC Chapel Hill), Peng Huang (Johns Hopkins University), Cynthia Sturton (UNC Chapel Hill)
10:20 Break  
Room: Pre-Function Area
10:50 8-A Non-Conventional Architectures
session chair: Masaaki Kondo
Room: The Grand Ball Room-AB
8-B Mobile and Embedded Architectures
session chair: Vijay Janapa Reddi
Room: The Grand Ball Room-CD
  Magic-State Functional Units: Mapping and Scheduling Multi-Level Distillation Circuits for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Architectures
[Lightning-talk Video] Yongshan Ding (University of Chicago), Adam Holmes (University of Chicago), Ali Javadi-Abhari (Princeton University), Diana Franklin (University of Chicago), Margaret Martonosi (Princeton University), Frederic T. Chong (University of Chicago)
CritICs Critiquing Criticality in Mobile Apps
[Lightning-talk Video] Prasanna Venaktesh Rengasamy (Penn State), Haibo Zhang (Penn State), Shulin Zhao (Penn State), Nachiappan Chidhambaram Nachiappan (Penn State), Anand Sivasubramaniam (Penn State), Mahmut Kandemir (Penn State), Chita Das (Penn State)
  MDACache:Caching for Multi-Dimensional-Access Memories
[Lightning-talk Video] Sumitha George (PSU), Minli Julie Liao (PSU), Huaipan Jiang (PSU), Jagadish Kotra (AMD Research), Mahmut Kandemir (PSU), John Sampson (PSU), Vijaykrishnan Narayanan (PSU)
EMProf: Memory Profiling via EM-Emanation in IoT and Hand-Held Devices
[Lightning-talk Video] Moumita Dey (Georgia Institute of Technology), Alireza Nazari (Georgia Institute of Technology), Alenka Zajic (Georgia Institute of Technology), Milos Prvulovic (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  GeneSys: Enabling Continuous Learning through Neural Network Evolution in Hardware
[Lightning-talk Video] Ananda Samajdar (Georgia Institute of Technology), Parth Mannan (Georgia Institute of Technology), Kartikay Garg (Georgia Institute of Technology), Tushar Krishna (Georgia Institute of Technology)
MAVBench: Micro Aerial Vehicle Benchmarking
[Lightning-talk Video] Behzad Boroujerdian (University of Texas at Austin), Hasan Genc (University of Texas at Austin), Srivatsan Krishnan (University of Texas at Austin), Wenzhi Cui (University of Texas at Austin), Aleksandra Faust (Google), Vijay Janapa Reddi (University of Texas at Austin/Google)
11:45 Break  
Room: Pre-Function Area
12:05 9-A Domain-Specific Architectures
session chair: Jae W. Lee
Room: The Grand Ball Room-AB
9-B Security-II
session chair: Daniel A. Jimenez
Room: The Grand Ball Room-CD
  Architectural Support for Efficient Large-Scale Automata Processing
[Lightning-talk Video] Hongyuan Liu (College of William & Mary), Mohamed Ibrahim (College of William & Mary), Onur Kayiran (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.), Sreepathi Pai (University of Rochester), Adwait Jog (College of William & Mary)
CheckMate: Automated Synthesis of Hardware Exploits and Security Litmus Tests
[Lightning-talk Video] Caroline Trippel (Princeton University), Daniel Lustig (NVIDIA), Margaret Martonosi (Princeton Univeristy)
  ASPEN: A Scalable In-SRAM Architecture for Pushdown Automata
[Lightning-talk Video] Kevin Angstadt (University of Michigan), Arun Subramaniyan (University of Michigan), Elaheh Sadredini (University of Virginia), Reza Rahimi (University of Virginia), Kevin Skadron (University of Virginia), Westley Weimer (University of Michigan), Reetuparna Das (University of Michigan)
Shadow Block: Accelerating ORAM Accesses with Data Duplication
[Lightning-talk Video] Xian Zhang (Peking University), Guangyu Sun (Peking University), Peichen Xie (Peking University), Chao Zhang (Peking University), Yannan Liu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Lingxiao Wei (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Qiang Xu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Jason Xue (City University of Hong Kong)
  Morph: Flexible Acceleration for 3D CNN-based Video Understanding
[Lightning-talk Video] Kartik Hegde (UIUC), Rohit Agrawal (UIUC), Yulun Yao (UIUC), Christopher W. Fletcher (UIUC)
DAWG: A Defense Against Cache Timing Attacks in Speculative Execution Processors
[Lightning-talk Video] Vladimir Kiriansky (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)), Ilia Lebedev (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)), Saman Amarasinghe (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)), Srinivas Devadas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)), Joel Emer (NVIDIA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))
13:00   Closing Remarks, Best Paper Award Presentation, ACM SRC Winners Presentation
Room: The Grand Ballroom-CD
13:20 Adjourn