Essential Information

  • Deadline: August 31, 2019 at 8:59 PM PDT
  • Papers must be at most 11 pages, not including references (but including all figures, tables, and appendices).
  • Authors can purchase up to two (2) non-reference additional pages for US $150 per page.

Download LaTeX Template (TGZ)


ACM is the leading publisher for MICRO 2019. All papers must be formatted according to the ACM sigconf proceedings template. All camera-ready papers must be submitted in printable PDF format. A sample document is provided, together with the LATEX source files.


First authors listed on the paper submission site will be individually contacted by ACM with instructions on submitting the rights management form. The system will also provide rights management text and a bibliographic strip to appear underneath the copyright notice. Authors are responsible for updating their manuscripts with this information. As rights management emails are sent from an automated system, there is a chance that emails sent will wind up in spam folders. Please make sure that you set email spam settings to allow emails from [email protected]. The publication must not be distributed in any format until all rights management forms have been approved by ACM.


Please submit the finalized the PDF file of your paper and a ZIP archive of your paper's source files on the MICRO 2019 submisson site. The site will open for camera-ready version submission one week prior to the deadline.