Sponsored by Microsoft, the ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) is a forum for undergraduates and graduate students to share their research results, exchange ideas and improve their communication skills while competing for prizes. The SRC consists of two rounds: a poster session and a presentation session. Below is the list of accepted posters for the SRC poster session. A panel of judges will select a number of finalists from a virtual poster session, who will be invited to a second-round SRC presentation session during MICRO 2020 and compete for the prizes. The evaluation will be concentrated on the quality of both visual and oral presentation, the research methods and the significance of contribution. You can find more information on the ACM Student Research Competition website.

SRC Poster & Presentation Times

  • Poster Session: held virtually for judges only
  • SRC Finalist Presentations: October 20, 2020, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT / 18:00 – 19:00 EEST

Undergraduate Winners

First Place, Undergraduate
Tuesday, 11:10 AM EDT / 18:10 EEST
Towards Fast Graph Neural Network Training with Efficient and Framework-Compatible Sparse-Dense Matrix Multiplication
Guyue Huang (undergrad)
Second Place, Undergraduate
Tuesday, 11:20 AM EDT / 18:20 EEST
Reconfigurable Spatiotemporal Resolution for Computer Vision at Low Power
Alexander Shearer (undergrad)
Third Place, Undergraduate
Tuesday, 11:00 AM EDT / 18:00 EEST
A Hybrid Classical and Quantum Approach to Solving the Unit Commitment Problem
Samantha Koretsky (undergrad)

Graduate Winners

First Place, Graduate
Tuesday, 11:30 AM EDT / 18:30 EEST
DLUX: A LUT-Based Near-Bank Accelerator for Data Center Deep Learning Training Workloads
Peng Gu (grad)
Second Place, Graduate
Tuesday, 11:40 AM EDT / 18:40 EEST
SpaceA: Accelerating Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication with Processing-in-Memory Architecture
Xinfeng Xie (grad)
Third Place, Graduate
Tuesday, 11:50 AM EDT / 18:50 EEST
NvMR: Non-Volatile Memory Renaming for Intermittent Computing
Abhijith Somashekhar (grad)

First-Round Competitors

Fast Recovery for Autonomous Vehicle Systems Using Linux Container Checkpointing
Maximilian Apodaca (undergrad)
Efficient Event Notification Paradigms for Hyperscale Microservices
Akshitha Sriraman (grad)
Software Hardware Co-Optimization for Variational Quantum Chemistry Simulation
Gushu Li (grad)
Towards Multi-Device Concurrent Heterogeneous Execution
Michail Papadimitriou (grad)
Race-to-Expiry for Energy Harvesting Devices
Abhishek Bhattacharyya (grad)