Essential Information

  • Deadline: September 10, 2021 at 11:59 PM PDT (strict)
  • Page limit: 11 pages at 9pt font, not including references (but including all figures and tables)
  • Up to 2 additional non-reference pages can be purchased: EUR 65 per page (paid during registration)
  • Up to 2 appendix pages, at no charge, for papers that have an approved research artifact

Camera-Ready Paper Format: ACM proceedings template (download ZIP)


ACM is the leading publisher for MICRO 2021. All papers must be formatted according to the ACM proceedings template. Templates are available for LaTeX and Microsoft Word.

The minimum font size for the paper text is 9pt. Papers are limited to 11 pages in length, not including references, unless you purchase extra pages (up to two) or have an approved artifact (for which you can add a two-page appendix). An artifact appendix is only allowed for papers with artifacts submitted and approved by the Artifact Evaluation Committee, and the appendix can describe only the artifact. Extra page fees are paid during conference registration.

The end of the paper should have its sections in the order (1) acknowledgments; (2) appendices, including the artifact appendix, if any; (3) references.


Corresponding (generally first) authors listed on the paper submission site will be individually contacted by ACM with instructions on submitting the rights management form. The system will also provide rights management text and a bibliographic strip to appear underneath the copyright notice. Authors are responsible for updating their manuscripts with this information. As rights management emails are sent from an automated system, there is a chance that emails sent will wind up in spam folders. Please make sure that you set email spam settings to allow emails from [email protected]. The publication must not be distributed in any format until all rights management forms have been approved by ACM.

Given that MICRO 2021 will be a global online event, you must agree to the Permission for Conference Recording and Distribution section in the eRights form.


After you complete the eRights form, you will receive an email from [email protected] with submission instructions. This email will include a unique link through which you can access TAPS (The ACM Publishing System). You will upload your final paper through TAPS.

All camera-ready papers must be submitted in printable PDF format, with correctly-embedded fonts.

The authors will need to update the copyright information (footnote on the first page) before submitting camera-ready papers. Detailed copyright information, including the DOI number, will be sent to the authors when they complete the eRights form.


For any questions about the camera-ready process, please email Mengjia Yan and George Papadimitriou, the MICRO 2021 publications co-chairs