Room Sharing Slack

MICRO 2023 facilitates room sharing using a dedicated Slack channel. Please feel free to sign up using this link to find attendees with whom you can share the hotel accommodations, taxi rides, and other travel-related expenses, and organize social events, meals, excursions with your folks during conference. Moreover, during the conference, MICRO 2023 organizers will be providing suggestions about affordable restaurants, intriguing museums, and enjoyable activities to explore in the city. We hope that you have a delightful time at the conference, making meaningful connections with your peers and thoroughly enjoying your attendance at MICRO 2023! We look forward to welcoming you to Toronto.

Slack channel invitation link.

Attendee Conduct Guidelines

As a flagship IEEE and ACM co-sponsored technical meeting, MICRO complies with and supports the IEEE and ACM statements for events conduct and openness. The symposium organizers expect that all attendees will read and abide by the full MICRO code of conduct.

MICRO will follow the ACM Policy Against Harassment at ACM Activities as well as related procedures. Please familiarize yourself with the policy and the guide to Reporting Unacceptable Behavior at ACM Activities. SIGARCH and SIGMICRO have also formed a joint committee called CARES, which can provide guidance to those who experience harassment or discrimination at ACM events.