This message provides guidance regarding the Lightning session and poster session for the authors of the MICRO-49 papers to appear in the final program.

The program and each technical session can be found here. Please follow this guideline carefully for preparing your presentation materials.

To follow the convention of prior MICRO conferences, in addition to the regular presentation in the technical sessions, each paper also needs to participate in two other presentation venues: the Lightning session and the Poster session. The Lightning session this year is split across two days. There are 30 papers to be presented in Lightning Session I in the morning of 10/17 (Mon) and the other 31 papers in Lightning Session II in the morning of on 10/18 (Tue). Please see the grouping here. In the following, we describe how each session works.

  1. Instructions for your regular presentation:

    Your regular session presentation is allotted a total of 20 minutes, including Questions and Answers from the audience. Please plan for a 16-minute formal conference talk, followed by 4 minutes dedicated for Questions and Answers.

  2. Instructions for the lightning session

    The Lightning session is the first session in the morning on Monday (10/17) and Tuesday (10/18) right after the keynote speech. It is a single large session, so we expect almost all conference attendees to be present in this session. All papers will be presented in the lightning sessions.

    • The purpose of this session is to:
      1. enable you to present the "key idea" of your work in less than 80 seconds to almost all attendees.
      2. enable the conference attendees to get a quick grasp of the key contributions of your work (and perhaps decide whether or not to attend your talk and visit your poster).

    • Lightning session logistics:
      • This session will run on a single laptop.
      • The order of each 80-second talk is the order of appearance in the advance program.
      • Each talk will be presented one after another with no interruption (no questions allowed). We will need all presenters to line up in the order of their presentation by the podium 15 minutes before the session. Please heed your presentation order.

    • Instructions for preparing and submitting your 80-second talk:
      • • Please email Sean Lee ([email protected]), Mikko Lipasti ([email protected]), and Chih-Chen Kao ([email protected]) your slides and the name of the Lightning session presenter by October 8. The subject line of the email must mention "MICRO-49: Lightning Session Talk: Session Number (e.g., B2) : Title of Your Paper"
      • Slides must be in PDF format, in order to avoid any compatibility issues.
      • The time limit is very strict. If you go over 80 seconds in your presentation, you will be cut off. Abide by the time limit. I would recommend planning for a 65-second presentation.
      • I would recommend using only a few slides to demonstrate the key problem your paper solves, the key idea, and the key results. The 80-second lightning presentation is intended to be a short pitch. Please leave the details of your paper for your regular 20-minute presentation and the poster session. Avoid marketing: this is a technical presentation.
      • Please line up based on the presentation ordering right after the Keynote Speech. Pay attention to your session chair's instructions.

  3. Instructions for the poster session (Monday, October 17, 14:00-15:40pm):

    • The purpose of this session is to:
      1. enable deeper interaction between you and the interested conference attendees on your paper and research.
      2. have a technical networking event where presented papers are at the forefront.

    • Poster session logistics:
      • We will provide easels, 36" (914mm) wide and 48" (1219mm) tall poster boards and pushpins.
      • You will be responsible for printing and delivering your posters. The size of your poster should be the standard A0 size.

    • Instructions for preparing your poster:
      • Please ensure your poster fits within the poster board provided.
      • Please bring your poster to the Poster Session room (to be announced) 15 minutes before the poster session starts.